Parfait by Affinitas…… a New Love Affair

(I’ll warn you all now, this is quite a long post – future posts will be shorter, I promise!)

I was lucky enough to win a prize from the lovely Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’s awesome competition she recently ran.   I received an email to say that I had won 2 sets from Parfait by Affinitas.  As a huge underwear fan (that would be huge enthusiasm, NOT huge granny pants!) I was very excited to hear that I had this particular prize as this brand is pretty damn hard to track down in the UK.  I was sent the SS12 lookbook PDF and told to pick ANY 2 sets….. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop!  Initially I was a little concerned as the back sizes start at 30” and I’m a 28” back, but I figured I’d wear them on the tightest hook and hope for the best. 
Looking through the PDF I was immediately drawn to the Charlotte Bra.  Available in Peach or Red, with the choice of 2 different styles of the bra & knickers.  Both bra’s are a balconette style but I opted for the more padded of the two as it has that extra feel of 50’s Hollywood glamour with its black tape detailing and cute bow.  My next hard decision was High Waisted Brief or Standard ‘Bikini’ brief…. as much as I love a retro knicker, I decided the standard satin brief would be more wearable for me.  Set one – check.

Now the hard part, deciding on the second set.  I scrolled back to the top and started perving at the sets again.  After 15 mins of lusting after everything, I came to the conclusion that the decision was too hard so did something risky.  I emailed the boyfriend and told him to choose, a brave thing to do I’m sure you’ll agree!  I was intrigued as to what he’d come back with, thinking that a Basque may well be seen in my future….. so I was a very happy girl when he replied saying simply – ‘Tanya, Black’. His reasoning – it reminded him of an old Film Reel, that was good enough for me so I opted for the thong, and again the padded version over the softer underwired cup. 

I emailed the girls at Affinitas and also asked them how their sizing was, I usually wear a 28F so didn’t want to end up with something that was unsuitable, they filled me in that the bands are tight & that my usual F cup should work fine so I ordered both sets in a 30F and waited.

A few days ago I received my parcel & nearly did a little wee with excitement.  I eagerly tore open the envelope and tipped the whole lot onto my work desk much to the amusement of my male colleagues!  I did notice that unfortunately I’d been sent the wrong size in the Charlotte Bra but this was quickly rectified when I contacted Affinitas to get the correct size.  In a weird twist, my bra was sent to a girl I know whilst I got hers….. small world eh!  I wasn’t going to let this put me off so popped my buddies bra in the post to her and am now waiting for mine to arrive!

Anyhoo, I’m digressing……. So, I spent the remainder of my working day staring lovingly at the Tanya Set and fell in love with how it looked before I even tried it on.  It’s a black Balconette, foam padded with absolutely beautiful silver/grey stitching around the top of the cup and a cute little silver bow on the gore.  The outer cup is gorgeous, a soft microfibre material and it has fully adjustable straps, which is a blessing for me as I have short shoulders!  By the end of the day I was itching to try this on, as I got home I was already adjusting straps & ripping off tags as I bounced through my front door…… after a little bit of strap wrangling (I’m cack handed like you wouldn’t believe) and jiggling about I was in the bra and instantly in love.  The 30 back is snug to say the least & if I hadn’t seen the tag I’d have guessed it was a 28 back, just perfect for me.  The cups are quite full and uplifting, giving just a hint of cleavage and the bra is relatively smooth under clothing.  I did a bounce test & found everything stayed and the underwires actually sit around my breast, they’re not too high or digging into my armpit, another issue I have with my ‘short’ shoulders!
You’ll have to excuse these photos, they really don’t do justice to how fab this bra is!

Charlotte set review to follow! x


4 thoughts on “Parfait by Affinitas…… a New Love Affair

  1. Free lingerie is definitely awesome! The Tanya looks like it comes down a bit further than a normal bra – kind of like inbetween a normal and a longline bra. Am I correct, or am I imagining it? It looks lovely either way.

    • I find the Tanya actually sits really nicely, unfortunately my cr*ppy phone hasnt’ taken the best photo’s – the band is is quite small and the cups are fairly full but give a really nice smooth shape, I’d say it actually sits a little higher in the band than a lot of other bra’s I have! 🙂

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