Razors and Waxes Give Me The Hump, Can I Say Goodbye to Rashes and Bumps?

Hair removal.  Let’s face it – it’s dull, it’s tedious and 9 times out of 10 it’s bloody painful.  Shaving, waxing, epilating, creaming, sugaring, buffing.  I’ve tried ’em all and inevitably I end up with shaving rash, ingrown hairs and broken skin.  Professional waxing has never really been any good for me, I always have to go back over with a pair of tweezers, or end up just shaving over the top anyway and the regrowth is always a nightmare.  It’s the same with epilating – no matter how much I moisturise, buff, polish & exfoliate I always get bumps & lumps & sore bits.

I have tried every different razor I could find – disposable, electric dry, electric wet, moisture strips, build-in shaving gel bars, vibrating ones (razors remember, just razors) and they’re all ok I s’pose but the silky smooth feeling doesn’t last & the result is always the same; silky smooth for about half a day then the stubble starts coming through inevitably followed by the itchy nastiness.  I have the same issue with creams, they claim to help keep you hair free for longer – nu-uh, not for me.

What I’m basically getting at, is that I hate hair removal.  All of it, in every form.  For years I’ve been following blogs & listening to recommendations about laser hair removal, and from what I’ve seen, so long as you have the right skin tone and hair… it works like a dream.  Anyone that’s ever looked into it knows that it can be bloody expensive though, typically you need between 6-12 treatments with a course of 6 treatments costing anywhere from £1500 upwards for full leg, bikini & underarm.  Now don’t get me wrong, if you consider how much money you spend in a lifetime on getting rid of that unwanted fuzz, this is pretty reasonable.  Most of us don’t have that sort of cash just laying around though, unfortunately.  So I did more research and found home IPL kits.  Starting at around £200…..  Hmm, interesting.

I went straight to trusty ole google and started finding different machines, and 3 brands immediately came up as the most bought/popular – Rio, Philips & Boots.  I googled some more and found that Rio have a few different types,  (ranging in price from approx £80-£250) for either single hair removal or multiple hair, however the user reviews I found were all pretty bad, I couldn’t find a single legitimate review that said it was any good.  Strik one.

Next up was the Philips Lumea.  After some digging the reviews were pretty good, however the cost wasn’t.  Anywhere from £350 upwards… ouch.  I also read that the bulb/headset is not replaceable and as the bulbs can only be used for a certain amount of flashes, this seemed costly.  *Sigh*

Last up was the Boots Smooth Skin iPulse.  Same again here, however this particular unit, you can replace both the bulb and handset, bonus.  A bulb replacement was around the £90 mark, and the new handset was £170ish, so maybe the latter option isn’t quite so good.  As I liked the sound & reviews from this one, especially as one blogger posted photo’s of her experience and it looked like it did the trick, I decided to turn to an old friend.  eBay.  Low and behold, there were a handful listed and I managed to bag myself one for £100, which is about £150 off the RRP.  SCORE!

So, that’s where I am at the moment, I’m sat in my dressing gown, with stubbly legs and itchy underarms eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new toy.  I will be documenting the progress and will let y’all know how I get on.


I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you…..

Well, after a pretty damn long break away from the blog, for which I am truly sorry, I am now back. I’ve had a lot going on of late which I won’t bore you all with. However I have recently made a new purchase and figured it was something that would be great to share with you all. Part 1 of that blog up next…….